Leif Oleson-Cormack

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As the narrative designer and writer for The Low Road, I was responsible for developing the game's storyline, as well as all the in-game writing and dialogue. In a clear bit of typecasting, I also provided voiceover for the game's most obnoxious character, Thornton Penderbrook.


Noomi Kovacs—an overeager graduate of the LeCarré Institute for Exceptional Spies (L.I.E.S)—has just landed her first job at Penderbrook Motors’ Division of Outside Intelligence. Confined to an office and underestimated by her gruff supervisor—a disgraced former government agent named Turn—Noomi will have to exploit her colleagues and surroundings to help further her dream of becoming a globetrotting secret agent.

Once in the field, Noomi and Turn begin to realize that their company’s dogged pursuit of their rivals extend to something far more sinister than “healthy competition” and the two will be forced to reconsider the paths they’ve chosen. Lying, blackmail, and emotional manipulation will become Noomi and Turn’s greatest assets as they make their way through…The Low Road.

Set in the world of the 1970s automobile industry, The Low Road is a point-and-click graphic adventure game which follows a team of corporate spies dedicated to the protection (and appropriation) of game-changing industry secrets. Sporting a unique visual style inspired by gouache paintings and a pulsating rock and roll score, "The Low Road" will captivate players through intricate puzzles, branching moral dilemmas, and a quirky cast of memorable characters.

Game Developer Conference 2016 “Best In Play” – Winner

Playcrafting ’16 Bit Awards “Best Style” – Nominee

Full Indie Vancouver "2017 Demo Night” – Winner

Indie Prize Showcase USA 2017 – Nominee